Friday, August 6, 2010

lucky mommy

Conversation with Zachary this morning:

I am standing at the coffee pot pouring my first cup of coffee and I hear the pitter patter of feet
*isn't that one of the reasons we decide to have babies in the first place? to hear the pitter patter of feet?

Zachary comes in rubbing his sandman eyes pointing at me.

Zach: "All done mama?" "All done?" 
(as he's pointing to his bedroom)
Me: "Yes Zach, mama is all done sleeping"
Zach: "You me mama.  No Zach"
(lucky for me i speak zachian)
Me: "Do you want me to go lay back down with you and snuggle?"
Zach: "Yeah, you me mama"
(grabs my hand and walks me back to his bed)

For the next 5 minutes he lays in the crook of my arm sighing deeply.
I am running my fingers through his short hair and he looks up and cheezy smiles at me and proceeds to rub my belly.
He makes me feel needed and loved.
I'm thinking, I'm a pretty lucky mommy.

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  1. You are a lucky mommy. I love sweet little Zach. I am really missing those toddler years. I think preparing to have 2 seniors in HS is making me sentimental and sad.