Monday, August 2, 2010

san fran 24

remember my mommy date?
we literally spent less than 24 hours in the city.
but we jam packed every kid-less waking moment with fun.
the beautiful bay bridge
cako : the best darn cupcake you ever ate.
duck fried rice
hou jor
"king of thai"
our adventures at the fort mason center.
sitting in the amphitheater made of computer pieces and car hoods.
:: eye candy ::
a must eat restaurant. 
no words can describe the deliciousness.
nectarine coffee cake
pinnacle scramble
making our way through the renegade craft festival.
i didn't really take pics inside because i didn't want people to think i was going to copy their stuff.
crepes with the works to end the day.
the end.


  1. You sure did cram it all in...and look at all of the yummy food, too!

  2. and i'm sure your last picture turns out better than her nikon shot... :)