Thursday, August 26, 2010


i think i have a serious case of schadenfreude.

i love pillow talk.
i tend to bait steve with "tell me a story" questions late at night.
somehow, please don't ask me how, we started talking about puke.
that's right.
and he proceeds to tell me a puke story.
i almost peed my pants laughing.
i literally delighted in his misfortune.
pure delight.
here's his story.
i promise you will "grimace" with laughter.

You first need to know a little about Steve.
Steve is a "do-righter."
Never in trouble.
Doesn't cause waves.
I don't think he has ever really been "in trouble" in his life.

"I'm in third grade.
My good friends name is Randy 
(last name protected to save his dignity) 
He is standing behind me in line getting ready to go to class after recess.
I am minding my own business.
Then all of a sudden 
(insert retching noises)
*you can start laughing now, i promise*
Randy yacks all over my back and backpack.
Dude, I thought we were friends and you just puked all over me.

--Steve doesn't admit to, but I believe with conviction that he threw the dude a dirty look.--
Picturing this makes me laugh even harder. 
I think I might have even snorted. Yes, I did.

Steve continues with this part of the story.
"This is the same dude who beaned me with a baseball at a game
right after I had just spent the night at his house and later he has the audacity to say,
"That's awesome, I can see the stitches of the ball on your BACK!"
Yeah. Awesome.
Again, I thought we were friends.

i am joni lane, and maybe this is one of those stories where you really had to be there.

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  1. bahahahahaha! Don't remember ever hearing that one. Thanks for sharing it. Apparently I have schadenfreude too. ;)