Monday, August 23, 2010

tsk tsk panda


Panda are sooooooooo outed for being a big fat sham.

Have you ever visited a Panda Express where they have plastered ALL OVER THE PLACE their "promise" about "If you aren't given a receipt at the time of purchase while you are still at the counter you get a FREE MEAL" ????

Our Panda Express states that promise.
So much so, that I watch them like Go-Go Gadget Eagle Eyes to make sure I get my friggin' receipt. 
Don't judge me.
If you make a promise, and you break it, I'M MAKING YOU STICK TO IT.

Case in point.
Steve and I hit up the drive thru.
It's PLASTERED on their drive up window.

I get our food. 
We check for correctness.
I wait.
She opens up the window and asks, "Did you need something else?"

(i totally did NOT say that outloud but it completely went through the self talk in my head)

I very politely inform her that she forgot my receipt, and given their plastered promise, I am now entitled to a free meal.
She laughed at me.
To my face.
Then handed me my receipt, and started to close the window in "buh-bye" fashion.
Oh no she didn't.

I laugh right back now, because if you know me, this is where I start to get chippy.
I again, very politely say, "But your pretty little sign says if YOU forget, then I get a free meal, and you forgot."

She is now straight faced and a little pinkish. 
Because now my friends, she realizes I AM SERIOUS.
I want my free meal and I'm not leaving here without it because NOW lady, you have crossed me.
You broke your plastered-all-over-your-store-promise.

We have a 5 second stare down.
(if you've ever had one of these you know that they feel like FOR.EV.ER.)

She signed my receipt.
I get a free meal. (exhibit B)
And yeah, they are sooo getting my opinion and I am totally getting a side. (exhibit A)

Moral of the story...don't break your promises.
It makes you look like an "a double snakes."

i am joni lane, and if your cross your heart and hope to die stick a million needles in your just might happen on my watch.

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  1. This seriously cracked me up. I too am always waiting to see if the cashier will forget to give me my receipt at any of the establishments that have those signs posted, I LOVE FREE! haha!
    The way you told this story made me feel as if I were there and I was laughing so much.
    I also loved "a double snakes"- how have i never heard this before?! ha!