Monday, August 9, 2010

we had a wicked good time...

no, we did not visit boston.

steve and i celebrated our 9th anniversary in san francisco (i are all thinking, "wasn't she just there?")
but seriously, who can get enough of the city by the bay?
the main purpose of this trip was to kiss....errr, i mean go to the musical WICKED.
and that we did.

let me just say,
"So good" really isn't justice enough.
oh my freakin' goodness gracious holy pancakes, IT WAS SO GOOD!!!!!
We had a fantastic time in the city.
We hit up Blondie's Pizza (I had the fruit pizza, Steve had regular pepperoni)
We "dropped" by the H & M, Forever 21, Cako, the 3 for $20 sunglass place, a street jewelry vendor, and donut world. 
(jealous much?)
We dined at "Daffodil" and walked so much it hurt to get out of bed the next day.
Here are some of my favorite pictures:
the street marching band
i wish they made this in kitchen size.

i took this opulent picture for macy.

The next day we drooled at IKEA, inhaled the garlic of Gilroy, and brought back enough corn to feed a small army. 

steve started to feed these little crack heads and they wouldn't leave us alone! 
the big ones literally wags his tail at you when you feed him. 
steve loved them, they TERRIFIED me.
We had lunch at Casa de Fruta and started to get a little misty over the kids. It was time to head home.
We missed our babies.

I am joni lane, and i refuse to feed crack head ducks.

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  1. Oh how I miss Casa de Fruita! I grew up in the Central Valley and we always stopped on our way to Carmel! Dried nectarines are my favorite!