Monday, August 16, 2010

working on the list part five

Our summer is nearing the end, and we still have lots of stuff on the summer list.
i had really high hopes of finishing it all, but really i feel content with what we did.
we went at our own pace.
we didn't rush ourselves.
we enjoyed {almost} every moment.
here's another few checks:

Macy learned to ride her bike without training wheels! 
It was AMAZING. 
We are so proud of how hard she worked, and how fast she picked it up!

I made some reusable baggies today for Macy's lunches.
I think you will all be very proud of me for a few reasons:
#1: I started to be very precise about my measuring and seams, until I pictured Macy ACTUALLY using it. And I envisioned the jelly mess. The I just threw the preciseness out the window and went to town on these babies.
#2: I made a bunch. Like A BUNCH. That makes me excited.
I also found her an old-school lunch box at (OLD NAVY: SCORE!)
and decided to macy-fy it! (it was the DOTS candy version and I was inspired)
I wish it was my lunch box.

And, although this technically wasn't on the "list," I'm making an addendum and adding 
"get to know your spraypaint section at Walmart and paint everything you can think of."
So I did.

I refinished some lockers my dad has had FOR.EV.ER.
They aren't perfect, but I love them.
They are from our local high school.
And, I did some new chairs for our kitchen.

my name is joni lane and i love cherry red spraypaint. it rocks my socks.


  1. Have I mentioned I love your blog? You inspire me. You wanna be like Donna Reid? Well I wanna be like Joni Lane! :)

  2. I love the reusable bags! Man, I should reaaaaallly learn how to use my sewing machine! It's sad.
    I LOVE what you did with the lockers! That color red is awesome. Doesn't Meg D. have some lockers like that? I think it's such a cool idea! I'd love to get some whenever it is that we buy a house :)

  3. Oh! I forgot to comment on the lunchbox! I saw that cuteness at Old Navy when I was there getting some jeans for Isaiah and I wanted one for myself! lol! You made it even cuter than it started out, what a sweet mama!