Sunday, October 31, 2010

martha, why haven't you called? it because our carving skills just aren't up to par?

cuz, i'm pretty much thinking that's why.

so, whateva' martha. [insert "w" sign made with fingers] 

we giggled way more than you probably would have on your show.
{although, i may or may not have growled a little at my husband and children for not sitting still long enough for me to snap decent pictures...but really, you'll thank me when you're 30 and you have pictures of your childhood}

Happy Halloween Everyone!

i am joni lane, and pumpkin carving is NOT my game.

if i ruled the world... of the first things i would do?


I would require that all bedding sheet makers in the ENTIRE world be forced to include a tag in the upper right hand corner of the fitted sheet.

The letters would make super easy sense: "URC"= upper right hand corner.

This would save me oodles of time "re-sheeting" because i put the fitted sheet on wrong.
Also, I would probably save a lot of quarters that go into the cuss jar because of said sheet.

i am joni lane, please don't judge me for not saying something awesome like world peace or ending hunger. 

Friday, October 29, 2010

the "w" family

babies are fun.
i love the noises they make.
almost gives me baby fever. almost.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

hottie mc hotpants

my husband's hot.
i don't expect or need for you to agree with me.
it's just a fact.
he is.

when he plays baseball, he's even hotter.
i felt like his high school girlfriend watching him play.
{except for those two rug-rats running around calling me mom...what was that all about?}

saturday, he played in the bullard alumni game.
the "professor" was back on the mound.
hasn't lost his touch.

nice job, hottie mc hotpants.
you rock my socks.
next time, can i wear your letterman's jacket?

the infamous "coach noakes"

the hotpants himself.

league champions. 
that's right. 


i am joni lane and i'm still smitten with my hubbie.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

the p family

Despite the rain and chilly weather, 
showed up for pictures with 
their best smiles on.
Thanks guys for a wonderfully smiley day!