Thursday, October 21, 2010

free range

you might remember my recent chicken story.
the one about the boy who let out the chickens and the mom who had to catch them all barefoot.

here's a story sure to make you smile.
this is a story of gratefulness.
the one about a dad who does really awesome things.

my dad's name is joe.
some refer to him as "daddy joe"
i may be 31 years young, and i still like to refer to him as daddy.

have i ever told you he pretty much built our house?
have i ever mentioned that at my wedding he chose the song "you are so beautiful to me?" as a surprise and it still gets me all misty when i think about it?
and this one time, he almost went head on with a big truck because i was following him in my little truck and he didn't think i would make the pass so it was going to take the hit for me.
lucky for both of us, i did.
and when i was a senior in high school and my lame date ditched me after prom to go party with cooler kids, he drove down to town to stay with me and let me cry on his shoulder.
if that doesn't say love, i don't know what does.
and this one time, at band camp....wait, that's not right.
so really long story short, my dad loves me and he does awesome things.

case in point:
he built, from scratch, from reclaimed wood, the mother-of-all awesome chicken coops. (and gate)
and it shall be named, "CLUCKINHAM PALACE"

my hens are so happy.
they are literally singing.
have you ever heard a chicken sing?
they do. 
and today, i watched them dance.

thanks daddy.

my name is joni lane and i think if you have an awesome dad too, you should tell them.


  1. Your Dad is awesome! I love the chicken coop. I was driving by coveting it. You are such a lucky loved girl. :o)

  2. pretty cool, for me to think that I'm now a dad too!

    Thanks for sharing that great story!

    ...and the PALACE looks so great!