Thursday, October 28, 2010

hottie mc hotpants

my husband's hot.
i don't expect or need for you to agree with me.
it's just a fact.
he is.

when he plays baseball, he's even hotter.
i felt like his high school girlfriend watching him play.
{except for those two rug-rats running around calling me mom...what was that all about?}

saturday, he played in the bullard alumni game.
the "professor" was back on the mound.
hasn't lost his touch.

nice job, hottie mc hotpants.
you rock my socks.
next time, can i wear your letterman's jacket?

the infamous "coach noakes"

the hotpants himself.

league champions. 
that's right. 


i am joni lane and i'm still smitten with my hubbie.

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