Friday, October 15, 2010

what's in a name?

You've probably chosen a name before.
One for your child. 
Your pet. 
Your nicknamed childhood pal.

You've probably coined pop culture words, tried your hand at catch phrases.

There's a lot to a name.
Some are easier to find than others.

Take for example:

Our daughter Macy had to be named, "Macy." Once I heard it, imagined it...we had to have a Macy.
There were no other names in my book.
The end.
It sounded strong.
It meant enduring.
It felt good.
We knew it was right.

Zachary was the same way.
I was sure on the spelling.
Confident that we were having a boy because the girl name we had picked just didn't set right in my soul.
We knew we needed a Zachary.

I guess there are a couple of thoughts about picking a name.

1) How does it feel? (strong, sassy, flowery, bitter, sweet, etc.)
2) How does is sound? (does it go with your last name? can it be totally made fun of?)
3) What does it mean? (who wants to name something that means weak or ill?)
4) Does it fit? (can you picture it, hear it, say it?)

The criteria that is top on my list is the "feeling" aspect.
I put a lot of weight on the gut instinct of feel.
It's how I roll people.

Hence the new blog name.

We've been "Life from the Hilltop" for over two years now.
I named our blog such because, well, I don't really have a good reason why.
And for that reason, it has never set right with my soul.

When I would start a new post, the banner would stare at me.
I'd sigh and think, ugh. Really? Why did you name it this?!

I named it "Life from the Hilltop" because I was a first time blogger trying my hand at something new.
I had autofilled all my info.
I was technologically out of my realm.
I was tired.
It sounded like what the blog was about.

Our life.
From the Hilltop.

But ugh.
Not feelin' it.

I have hesitated changing the name because I was sure I was going to confuse my readers, lose my "crowd."
If I lose you, I'm sorry.
Same family.
Same crazy lady doing the posts here.
That part won't change.

The name?  
The name, I love.

(i will admit, there are some google searches that i do not love regarding the name...)

An idiom is an expression, word, or phrase that has figurative meaning. 
This one happens to mean "to be in a desired position, often in terms of having the upper hand or greater advantage in types of dealings."  It also means to "have it all."

So why name my blog this?

It's a mantra.
I'm happy.
I have it all.
My life is in a great position.
Please, understand.
I do not mean this from a "I think I'm better than you" attitude.

It's a reminder.
To me.
To remember that I'm really sitting there.
In the catbird seat.
I don't need this or that to "have it all."

I have my Steve.
I have my Macy.
I have my Zachary.

See. I really do have it all.

i am joni lane and I actually don't even own a cat.

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