Friday, December 31, 2010

I'm totally blogging about this.

As heard in the car-ride home from Fresno.

Steve: What are we going to send out as our Facebook Friday word? 
ed. note: (we do this every Friday for our customers at Bubba-Lu's Java Time to get upsized on their coffee for free.)

Me: You could do a quiz question or something where they have to find the answer to a little known fact?

Steve: Oh yeah, like what? People won't want to look something up.

Me: Okay, how about if you ask them who should be the new 49ers head coach? They could just give their opinion then.

Steve: You really think all of our customers even know stuff about football, let alone a good replacement for the head coach position?

Me:  Well, I guess they could always be funny and say you!

Steve: What??? You think I wouldn't make a good head coach?

Me: (giggling with snorting sounds) Um. No. Not really.

Steve: (with emphasis) Have you not noticed how awesome I am at Madden and managing my Fantasy Football Teams?

Me: ( giggling has turned into that silent hysterical laughing that is really hard to contain)

Steve: SERIOUSLY?? I could so do it.

I am joni lane and i love my husband. He is just so funny sometimes.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Wonderful W Family

We had resigned ourselves to taking pictures inside.
I'm not a big fan of taking pictures indoors so I did some extra prayers.
I'm beyond delighted that God cleared the rain and we were able to steal some rain-free moments outside.
It made all the difference!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

expletive expletive, i really messed up.

I have a love hate relationship with promotions.
I love getting a good deal.
I also feel like a schmuck sometimes because I fall for the 
"ACT FAST" "TODAY ONLY" ~ mumbo jumbo.

I officially got myself into trouble for being that said "schmuck."

I was being cheap frugal.
I didn't want to pay the excessive charges on shipping.
So I rushed.
I threw together our Family Christmas Calendar so fast this year it would have made your head spin.
It was the "last day" to do the decent shipping option without having to go to the next tier on the shipping scale to ensure delivery by Christmas.
I know you feel me here.
That next tier on the shipping scale just makes your tummy hurt.
Like, I could have a nice dinner with the hubs for that kind of money.
Or, baby need a new pair a shoes with that money.
But shipping?

So I got my act together and I constructed our Christmas Card and Calendar in a matter of hours.
You will receive by Dec. 17. 

I opened up the package.
And my heart sunk.
I screwed up.
I didn't double check everything like I normally do.
I'm busted.
My hubs, he gonna be mad somethin' fierce.
But...I promised to fix it.
And it sure makes for a good story.
I'm sorry hottie-mc.hotpants.
Nothin' personal.
I love you. 
Forgive me?


i am joni lane, and i'm pretty sure i'm getting coal in my stocking for this one.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The S Family

beauties all around.
they were such naturals!

The M Family

i seriously threatened to take this little one home and make her part of the family.
she is deliciously adorable.
i'm smitten with her almost-two-year-old-self.