Friday, December 31, 2010

I'm totally blogging about this.

As heard in the car-ride home from Fresno.

Steve: What are we going to send out as our Facebook Friday word? 
ed. note: (we do this every Friday for our customers at Bubba-Lu's Java Time to get upsized on their coffee for free.)

Me: You could do a quiz question or something where they have to find the answer to a little known fact?

Steve: Oh yeah, like what? People won't want to look something up.

Me: Okay, how about if you ask them who should be the new 49ers head coach? They could just give their opinion then.

Steve: You really think all of our customers even know stuff about football, let alone a good replacement for the head coach position?

Me:  Well, I guess they could always be funny and say you!

Steve: What??? You think I wouldn't make a good head coach?

Me: (giggling with snorting sounds) Um. No. Not really.

Steve: (with emphasis) Have you not noticed how awesome I am at Madden and managing my Fantasy Football Teams?

Me: ( giggling has turned into that silent hysterical laughing that is really hard to contain)

Steve: SERIOUSLY?? I could so do it.

I am joni lane and i love my husband. He is just so funny sometimes.

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