Saturday, February 19, 2011

carpe diem.

cliche right?
seize the day.

what does that mean?
i think it sounds cool.

do you do it?

i had to think about that today.
do i seize the day?

am i teaching my children to live in the now
or am i modeling a love for the pursuit of tomorrow?

what is more important to me?
do i have to choose?

i hope that i'm teaching them to enjoy life's little moments,
find contentment in what is offered and experiential now.
but i'm such a planner and i know that they must see that i'm
eagerly pursuing tomorrow.
i think pursuing tomorrow breathes out hope.
but pursuing the now inhales joy.

clearly, inhaling and exhaling makes us alive.
so maybe i don't have to choose.
only choose to breathe.

today we seized our little bit of snow and family time.
it wasn't all grins and giggles.
but it made memories.
it was timely because the snow was gone an hour later.
and we planned to make bigger and better snowmen, next time.

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