Wednesday, February 9, 2011

hard goodbyes.

today is tough.
today hurts.

today we said thank you, and goodbye.
To Blitz.
To Diego.
our dogs.

the details are sad.
i don't want to go there.

you're probably wondering why i'm blogging about it.
honestly, it's for my memories.
it's also therapeutic for me.
i print my blog as a book at the end of the year.
it's a family journal.
they were part of our family.

i show the good and the bad of our life.
this is a reminder that life just isn't always fair.
i don't always understand why bad things happen.
but also, a reminder that our dogs were a very real part of our family.

Blitz was our first "non-pound" dog.
We papered him as "Lloyd's Quarterback Blitz"
He didn't know he was a big dog.
He would sit on your lap if you let him.
He had a split down the middle of his tongue.
An imperfection that was endearing.
He barked to remind you it was dinner time.
He was huge. Like horse, huge.
His tail could knock over Zach in one swoosh.
He made me crazy.
I sure loved him.
Blitz was 7 years old.

Diego was our newest addition.
A "CVS" dog I liked to call him.
My brother and his fiancee found him in a parking lot.
I didn't want him.
I said no.
And then I said, no he can't leave.
I made my case to keep him, and we did.
Blitz loved him.
They were buds.
He had some man part problems.
Our pocket book took care of that, and he was officially our most expensive dog.
He was mischievous.
He was snuggly.
He had beautiful markings.
He adored Blitz.
He was about 6 months old.

I'm going to miss them.
Miss looking out my kitchen window seeing them laying by the chicken coop.
Miss throwing a stick for Blitz to chase while Diego snuggled against my leg.
Miss the reminder bark for dinner.
Miss hearing them roughhouse on the porch.
Miss seeing my beautiful lab greet me as I pull in the driveway.
Miss having them walk Macy to the bus stop.

Thank you Blitz for loving us for 7 years.
For protecting us.
Thank you for being such a smutz that we could love.
And Diego, thank you for being a friend to Blitz.
Thank you for choosing us.

If you own a pet, or you have young children,
do yourself, your neighbors, and your conscience a favor.
Safely store any poisons, bait, and chemicals.
Do not take for granted that they aren't accessible.
Check. Make sure. Be certain.

Gonna miss you boys.

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