Sunday, February 20, 2011

::nacho mama's chore chart::

ha ha.
get it?
nacho...."not 'cho?" "not your" mama's chore chart.

okay, seriously if I have to explain it to you then it's just not that funny.
except it is.

i should put laughing at mom's jokes on the chore chart,
except then it wouldn't be so much fun either.
so i won't.

here's a step by step tutorial on how to have an awesome chore chart too.
can you imagine?
the possibility of no more yelling sweetly reminding what to do?
the amount of paper saved on honey do lists?
the freedom to delegate?
the exhilaration of moving a magnet to the corner to signify completion?
the joy of a clean house for more than 5 minutes?
the answer to world peace?

okay, i know.
wishful thinking.
but i'm willing to give just about anything a try at getting more help around the house
and keeping everyone accountable.

1. collect A LOT of soda/beer/wine cooler TWIST off caps (no bent backs)
2. Make a template of 1" circles. Pick a font that you like and type out as many chores you can think of that you do on a daily, weekly, monthly basis that are consistently recurring. 
(no once a year things...where's the excitement in that?) Print out on regular printer paper.

3.  Cut them out. Ugh. This takes forever. If I have the patience to do it, then so do you.
4. Mod*Podge (decoupage) the paper to inside of the cap and brush a layer over the top too.
5. Let them dry.
6. Get sticky-sided magnet "tape."  Cut into little squares and affix to the FLAT side of the cap.
7. Find a reclaimed, used, vintage whatever (not spankin' clean unless you want to paint and distress it or something, but I like the used, rugged look) cookie sheet.
8.  Write "Today", "Tomorrow", "This Week", and "This Month" as creatively as the moment allows.

9. Put your new magnets in the appropriate place.
10. Gather the troops.
11. Point.
12. Nod your head and offer a pat on the back to signify that you believe they "get it" and that will be the end to all of your clean-house problems.
13.  Open a bottle of wine and congratulate yourself on being so damn smart.
14. Promise not to be too hard on yourself tomorrow when none of the magnets have moved.

i am joni lane, and man...this wine is the BOMB.

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