Sunday, March 20, 2011

At firtht I thought it thilly...

...that I started making Macy a Tooth Fairy Pillow about a month ago.

It will probably be a year before she needs it.
I honestly believed I'd loose it before she lost a tooth.

Not tho thilly now!
Macy lost her first tooth tonight.
It was exhilarating.
Honestly it was...not even an exaggeration.
It was a big deal.
She was elated.
And so was I.

It started earlier this week.

Macy told me she had a popcorn kernel stuck in her gums.
I thought that was strange since it had been a while since we had popcorn.

I looked, and to my surprise...wayyyyyyyyy behind her baby tooth was her adult tooth making it's debut.
Sure enough, her baby tooth was starting to get all flexible.

The more I got to thinking about it, the more I questioned how "normal" it is to have a tooth that far behind the baby tooth.  It wasn't anything I remembered experiencing.

Of course, I googled it.
It's how I roll, you should know that by now.

Her second row of teeth have a name.
They are called, "shark teeth."
Not MY sweet baby girl!
A shark???
Holy batman who knew???
I had no idea that could even happen.

The next morning I got on the phone and called the dentist (of course).
He was so nice and saw us right away.

He strongly urged Macy to keep at it so she could pull her first tooth herself and not have to experience an extraction.
We were hopeful, but resigned to the idea that she may have to have some professional help.

Macy has been a trooper.
Making me promise not to "cork pop" it.

If you know me at all, this has been a test of my patience.
I've been soooooo stinkin' good.
I haven't tried to get the pliers once.

However, tonight, by "accident" we got ourselves in a bit of a pickle, and thankfully it panned out.
I suggested that we tie some dental floss around it so she had some leverage to pull.
It hurts her little fingers to pinch the tooth so I figured I was helping her out.

What I didn't realize was that in tying an AWESOME slip knot of dental floss around her tooth, I got it below the part that was already loosened and it got STUCK under the tooth.
I may have fudged the truth a little in saying the only way to unstick it was to pull the tooth out, or she might have to wear the dental floss to school tomorrow.
So sue me.
It worked.

She tugged that sucker out.
I literally heard it pop.
I screamed.
Like a little girl.
For reals.
It was awesome.
Then I cried.
....and had to find that stinkin' pillow and FINISH it TONIGHT!!!

Macy, I am so proud of you.
You are way braver than I ever was.
And to quote your famous words, "It's really not that bad!"

You rock kiddo.
Dad and I are so proud of you.


  1. I must say this is the best tooth story ever told....Congratulations Macy!! AND what a beautiful pillow!!
    XXOO Linda Maier

  2. Oh this is too funny. Brave girl. And cute pillow. :-)