Thursday, March 24, 2011

here's to effort.

it goes a long way.

today i made an effort to stop losing my jewelry down the sink (it doesn't have a drain stoppy thing)
i'm not a super big fan of undoing the pea-trap and fishing out my favorite pearl earrings.

i'm also not a big fan of spending my hard earned moo-lah on solutions to my laziness if i don't have to.
so today i give myself an award for effort, and repurposing something i already had.
now i have absolutely no guilt for purchasing that cute top.
hee hee.

so here is my virtually "free" jewelry board.
it's virtually free because i didn't go out and spend money directly on it. some point i had purchased the fabric, ribbon, staples, picture, and frame.
so i can't really call it "free."

here is my old picture and frame.
it was a picture that i had matted to foam board:
i wrapped some leftover fabric from a different project around the foam mat board and stapled into place:

pretty, right?

i added some ribbon and stapled to the backside as well
then, i repositioned it in the frame 
the last step was to add my jewelry
i hung it in my closet for two reasons:
#1: it is now out of Macy's reach. Amen.
#2: if it drops, it's not near a toilet or a sink. Double Amen.
it took me about 20 mins.

head over to lisa's blog today.
she's doing a giveaway.
i think i need one of these in my dining room that says,
"do something good"

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  1. What a great idea! I have been trying to figure out a good way to hang my necklaces. Currently they are crumpled under my bathroom sink in a pile...not a very good solution! I like yours better!