Tuesday, March 15, 2011


a word i would use to describe macy.

she's full of energy.
and she's all over the place.

except what is really means is that she is double-jointed.

today she discovered that she has her first ever loose tooth.
in an effort to explain what the baby tooth does as the permanent tooth pushes it, i engaged her fingers in a little "role play."

as i'm pushing on her index finger i instruct her to, "tell me when it starts to hurt" to simulate what her tooth will feel like as she is in the process of getting it "ready to fall out."

i'm pushing.
still pushing.
my eyes are widening.
i'm thinking,'s gotta hurt right about now.
no reaction.
my mouth has now dropped open.
i'm catching flies.
her finger is touching the back of her hand.
i shudder.
this is not natural.

then i remember, hey, i used to be able to that too.
it's been years since i tried.
i tried again.
now my finger freakin' hurts.
i'm not "hypermobile" anymore i guess.

look for us the next time the circus is in town.
i hear they pay the big bucks.


1 comment:

  1. I used to be able to do that with my thumbs. Now I am hypo-mobile and arthritic. :/