Wednesday, June 29, 2011


decorating this room gives me hiccups.
I need your help.

maybe i hold my breath when i'm searching for inspiration.
maybe it makes my heart race with anxiety because i'm struggling with it so much.
this room is an interesting space.

here are the design issues i'm dealing with:
this room has 3 doors and 4 windows.
it was designed to be our garage, and in a last minute decision we decided to pay the school fees and turn it into our living room.
so basically, it's a very large square.
it serves lots of purposes...
it's where macy practices piano.
the piano needs to be on an interior wall, and this is the only one.

(i cannot get rid of my rocking chair...i nursed and sang to my babies in it, rock them in it when they are sick or sad, and it doesn't fit the room and it doesn't really match the room and it doesn't fit anywhere else...but i'm totally emotionally attached to it, so don't mention any design ideas that deal with that chair. it's off limits.)

i created a "reading zone" that is close the the large bookcases.
it houses all the books I've collected from my years in teaching.

the art above the piano was a gift at our wedding.
it once belonged to my godfather.
it is incredibly special to my heart.
not my "favorite" picture ever...but emotionally speaking it's tweeking to this either.
(i did paint the frame black that was once gold...)

Please help me figure out what to put in this.
candy is a no-go. something cool. colorful. collectible.
 the tv is centered in the room, and i'm finally happy with the arrangement of my couches/coffee table.
yes, macy is watching the fresh beat band on the disney channel.
and yes, i often shake a tail feather when i'm sneaking a peak at it too.i'm on the hunt for different typefaces of the letter "L" for above our french doors.
Please...share your lettering ideas!!

 my collection of suitcases that I use as photo props:
 I'm ready to change out my curtains too. ideas? I did these and pillows a few years ago for super cheap.
i need cheap ideas again...and something EASY.

Obviously, the fireplace is firmly planted in the corner.
I have some bead-board that is supposed to go behind it.
any offers to come install it for me.
that would be cool.
i'll cook for you.

the problem i have is that i feel like everything is shoved to the perimeter of the room, and i don't know any other way to do it.
maybe there isn't a way.
i would sure love some ideas to get me motivated again.

on a happier note, my computer corner is close to completion...close...very close.


  1. Here's how you begin:
    Dear Genevieve,
    Please help...

  2. I smiled the whole time I read this post. Taylor absolutely loves The Fresh Beat Band. It seems like you have a mix of shabby chic and modern. Maybe you could gravitate the warmer, vintagy colors to one side and the black shelves and L on the other? I'd really have to be there to give an useful opinion. You're so cute for asking everyone.