Saturday, June 18, 2011

Luigi hits a Triple

Zachary's 3rd birthday was a big ole' par-tay.

I preface this ENTIRE post with...
I never would have served spaghetti and red-topped chocolate cupcakes if I had actually planned on doing it inside.
Come on now.

The rain brought us in.
...tapping microphone, "It's June, Mother Nature, hello.
I'm supposed to be able to have a party outside."
((Mother Nature shakes her head...tsk tsk Joni, 
you are not the boss.))
...and then sends a huge rain storm.

The party was a messy hit.
And we all survived.

Kudos and thanks to our gracious friends and family who all pitched in, helped corral kids, participated with smiles on their faces, and made Zach's 3rd birthday one we will NEVER forget.
Extra special stars to Oma for cooking the spaghetti, and Grandma & Grandpa for helping with the set up the night before.
Zach especially gives extra "wahoos!" to those who dressed up.
(especially you princess peach!)
As he would say, you are all "awesome."

happy 3rd birthday to my awesome three year old.

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