Friday, June 24, 2011

rAinBow fInGeRnaiLS

Summer Vacation Day 11

Summer Mantra Verse 11
::"I will make the time"::

I am the queen of the phrase "just gimme a bit"

meaning...I'll do it, just not RIGHT NOW.
In a little bit.

My kids are used to having to wait.
I keep my promises, but it often takes me a bit to get to it.

I promised Macy we would do rainbow fingernails over vacation.

We bought the polish on Wednesday.
She hasn't bugged me about it.

Today she asked, "Can we paint my nails today, mom?"

I wish I had a video camera to watch her surprise when I DIDN'T SAY, "just gimme a bit."
I said, "Yes."
(Remember Summer Mantra Verse 1??? Just say, Yes!)
Go grab the polish.

And we lacquered up.

I here I thought that I was finished with painting.


  1. Aw, I am so excited to have a girl so I can do these kinds of things! I too am a "in a minute" kind of Mama so I bet it made her so giddy that you said yes right away :D Good job Mama!! You. are. awesome.

  2. that is really cool.
    i will be on the search for those!