Wednesday, June 29, 2011

reflections and promises

I love Groupon.

I purchased a Groupon for the Victoria Rose Cottage Restaurant months ago.
I've been hanging it over Macy's head promising for some time.
We finally had the opportunity.

Macy has been reading our blog book from 2008.
(I print our blog on Blurb, it's my out from scrapbooking, but still feel success in recording our memories)
She remembers our last visit and giggles over the details of her little 2 year old self and her princess behaviors.

Once she absorbed the words, "I'm taking you to the tea house on a mommy date" she literally squealed in delight.
Immediately, she went to her room and grabbed her crown and picked out her fancy dress.
She then declared, "Mom, I'm going to wear this crown today, and not even at my forehead. I know where it belongs now.  AND mom, I don't think I'll even be stubborn."
See, she remembers.
Or at least the blog book helps her remember.
That makes me happy.

Sadly, we forgot the crown in the car and didn't get any nostalgic pictures with it on.
However, we had a blast and got a chance to just talk to each other.
No bothersome brothers.
No macaroni and cheese.

We had a girl date, just the two of us.
It will probably be one of my favorite memories, and I won't ever forget because it will be in our 2011 blog book, and I will relish in the reflection.

(her hair is still a little wet from her swim lesson just prior to our date)

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