Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Summer Mantra Verse 13-

::"We will rest"::

The sermon at church Sunday centered around the idea of rest.
It was encouraging.

Suddenly, I realized...we don't do a whole lot of "resting" around here.
Or maybe we just don't call it "resting."

Somehow being busy makes me feel validated.
There is probably some great psycho-analysis on this,
but I'm pretty content to ignore that I have "issues" here.

Resting takes effort with kids who are little.
They don't exactly rest unless they are sleeping.

I had to tweak my definition of "rest" a little to fit
the dynamic of our family.

Rest for us can be the absence of a to-do list.
Rest can be the intentionality of a family activity.
Rest can be the UNintentionality of a family activity.
Rest can be permission to be lazy.
Rest can be idle time.
Rest can be validating.

For us, REST is present...we just forget that's what it can be called.
I want to work on recognizing REST, and celebrating when we've found it.

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