Thursday, June 16, 2011


overheard at the breakfast table:

MACY: "Mom, tell Zach the story about when you got bit by a meat-eater."
MOM: "Okay. Well, when I was about Macy's age, I got bit on the tongue by a meat-BEE."

sensing a long drawn out story, Macy interjects....
MACY: "Nevermind, let me tell the story in a really long sentence."
MOM: {clearly having just been shushed, nods.}

MACY: "Zachary, one day mom was eating tri-tip at Uncle Ron and Aunt Jamey's house and a REALLY big meat-eater came and sat on mom's meat, and she didn't even see it and she put it in her mouth (right mom?) and the really big meat-eater bit her tongue so hard (right mom?) and her tongue swell-swolled-swell (how do you say mom?) well got really big and she had to put ice on it (right mom?) so that she could feel better so Zach you really have to watch for meat-eaters when you are eating meat (right mom?)"

MOM: "Yes, Zach, meat-BEES can be really mean and we have to be careful when we eat outside and there are meat-BEES around."

Meat Bee

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