Friday, June 17, 2011

Summer Day Four

Summer Mantra Verse Four:  ::"I will allow brownies back in the house."::

Although I'm trying my darndest to loose the last 7 lbs that are plaguing my life....and I really really really want it to be this summer that I say goodbye to the extra fat.  So I have closed up the girl scout cookies, taken it easy on the creamer in my coffee, and made the concession that brownies can be reintroduced to our household, so long as they come in the super cute form of Macy.

Last night we had our Girl Scout Bridging Ceremony.  My little Daisy got her cookie sales award (567 Cookies Sold!)...(see why i can't get rid of the 7lbs!!) ....and she bridged over to BROWNIE!  Love your hard work Macy! You rock my socks.

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