Wednesday, June 29, 2011

sweet surprises

there is a local shop here in auberry called "stuff"
our friend leslie just opened a few months back and she really has some pretty cool things.

this side area in our house is pretty much mostly furnished with things from her shop.

i just picked up the chairs last week.
i got them for photo sessions, but really love them in the house.
it was a sweet surprise how well they fit in.

the white side table i purchased a few months back, it holds our modem and microcell tower for our phones. (i covered it with a coffee bean bag from our coffee shop)
i intended to have it outside full of flowers.
it was a sweet surprise that all our junk fit perfectly inside.

the pig was a TOTAL SWEET SURPRISE from steve-o.
he knew that i had been coveting this pig, and one day he came walking in the door with it.
i think i cried a little bit.
i love this pig.

then a few nights ago, steve walked in with happy colorful flowers.
i love my man.
i got super lucky when he walked into my physics class 12 years ago.
he was meant for me.
besides being the super-romantic husband that he is, i also think he was redeeming himself from this flower snafoo.
i love sweet surprises.

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