Thursday, June 23, 2011

when the stars align...

I got an email a few days ago about some free tickets to the Fresno Grizzlies Game.
The girl scouts were being sponsored by District 7, and we just had to get vouchers to get tickets!
I jumped all over it.
Forget that it was supposed to be 110 on Wednesday.

We got together a crew, and met at Applebee's for dinner.
Not only was it "Kids eat for $1.99" night (that we had NO idea about!)
They were also having a coloring contest, to which EACH KID WON and got a free meal voucher.
I know, right????

The Grizzlies game wasn't as hot as we had anticipated.
There was actually a breeze.
Technically, we were glistening.
And we had a stinkin' good time.

  honestly, we did a lot of this.
the game was pretty slow.
we just made sure someone had their eye on the ball in case one flew our direction.

this little splurge cost as much as dinner.
it is the ice cream of the future people!!

 beautiful downtown fresno.
 note: if you would just look at your mother when she wants to take your picture, it would save a lot of fussing and extra snapping of pictures.
really, it's not that hard. 
then, when the game really gets slow, 
everyone has to show their best eye crossing tricks.
emma wins the gold.
 and if your legs weren't already wet enough from the sweat,
you can head over to the splash zone and get soaked.
that's extra bling for glistening.
 and although we love to support (with free tickets of course) our darling triple A team that is tied to the 
(cough cough)....giants....
(yes, zach was spent and just wanted to go home.)

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