Monday, July 25, 2011

The 2011 Y.A.A.M Award goes to....

I just got nominated!!!
Have you heard???
There is this awesome new award floating around called the Y.A.A.M award.
It stands for You're An Awesome Mom.

Oh. My. Good. Gravy.

Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be up for such an honor.
I had always dreamed something like this would happen to me.


The awards are being held soon.
Tonight in fact.
8pm CST.
I haven't even had time to prepare a speech.

Where will I put my award?
Is the dining room table a little much?
Too showy?

Maybe I'll put it in the bathroom.
It's a little more discreet.
Not so...heyyyyy look at me, I'm awesome.

If it's not toooo big I might hang it from the rear view mirror in my car.
That would be the bomb.

Or, I could wear it around my neck like the rappers who wear the mercedes car symbols.
I'd use my street name, Joe Knee Breaker.
It will probably make me bust out in crazy rhyme.

So yeah, tonight. 8pm. I'm crossing my fingers, because I totally wanna win.
What is that you say?
The award is being handed out at Lloyd Mountain?
What the what??
There's no trophy involved?

It's not really REAL???
I made it UP???

That's too bad.
For reals.
Because I totally SHOULD win some award called the Y.A.A.M.
Because I don't think ANYONE would have a better entry than me.
Because this totally takes the cake.
Because I have no excuses for the sheer awesomeness of THIS parent moment.
Because it still has me scratching my OWN head and I'm STILL looking for answers.

See for yourself.

Macy's had these shoes since May.
Ummmm hmmmm.
She's been walking around in one shoe that fits, and one that is TWO sizes too big.
Two sizes.
I know I'm repeating myself.
I just can't believe it.
No wonder she can't walk right.
No wonder she keeps loosing her shoes in the grocery store.
No wonder she didn't want to wear them on PE days .
No wonder.
No wonder I'm giving myself the Y.A.A.M award.
It's totally deserved.
Only super awesome moms could pull this off for 2 months and never even notice it.
the end.

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