Sunday, July 3, 2011

brilliant solutions!!

I have had so many great ideas from friends about my living room design help needs.
(only a few posted on here, but I did get a lot of responses on facebook from some genius friends!)

Here are the two that I have employed so far.
This is all I've had a chance to do because organizing by color is SERIOUSLY time consuming business.
Kudos to Amy for the block idea and painting some of my frames and intermingling them in the shelves.
(i had some i was going to yard sale, and promptly removed them from the pile)
Squealy cheerleader jumps for Jenn for the books by color idea.



 Organizing shelves by colors requires lots of this:
(isn't my new cup c-double-o-l beans?)
 (please ignore my ugly nails...they are full of spraypaint 
in the nail beds and they are getting a 4th of July makeover too)

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