Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Santa Cruz: Day One

My baby girl Macy is going to turn six on Thursday.

For her birthday this year, we took her on a trip.
Zach got the big party bash this year, and next year it will be a trip for him.
Macy got to pick the location this year...and next year she gets a big party bash.
Get it?

This works well for us because June is Zach's bday and July is Macy's.
That is too much party planning for this mama....and it's a great excuse to use that
money on a family experience.

Macy picked Santa Cruz.
Here's why.

She got a bag from a friend at a yard sale that said "Santa Cruz" on it.
She asked what that meant.
I explained that it was at the beach, had a boardwalk, yada yada.
She declared at that moment in time that was where we would visit.

Unfortunately, everything was booked the weekend of her birthday,
so we decided to go the week before, and it was FANTASTIC.

We actually stayed in a little town called Capitola.
It's quirky, and family friendly, and artsy, and people are nice.
Those things matter.
We stayed right next to the beach in a little hotel, aptly named, "Capitola Hotel."
It was worth every penny.

((Pizza My Heart))
 ((Pesto & Walnut Pizza))
((sibling love))
 ((lots and lots of squealing))
 ((i wanted to stay here))
 ((she was soooo happy to be at the beach))
 ((love the boats all parked on the dock))
 ((macy begged to fish. um. no.))
 ((can you see her delight?? she was exuberant.))
 ((ice cream. 2 nights in a row))

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  1. I love Capitola!! It looks like Macy had a great B-day. It makes me want to go and take the kids.