Friday, July 22, 2011

Santa Cruz: Day Three

i love going on vacation.
i like getting out of dodge.
seeing new things.
spending time with people i love out of our day to day routine.

some things i'm GOOD at while on vacation:
*eating good food
*taking pictures
*being spontaneous
*breathing deeply

some things i'm NOT good at while on vacation:
*giving "long" leashes
*parenting in small, busy, congested spaces.
*letting the hotel room be a hotel room.
(let me explain this one: i feel bad for the people who clean rooms because we are pigs... so i'm the kind of traveler who makes my bed in the morning, hangs up all the towels, picks up all the trash, and tries to make the room look presentable...this makes Steve CRAZY.)
*the last day of vacation

The last day of a vacation always kinda sucks.
You always have to be out of your room before noon.
Which means I have to get everything packed up.
I like my dirty clothes to be wrapped in trash bags because I don't want them touching my clean clothes.
Furthermore, I use one of our bags for all the clean clothes leftover, and cram the dirties into what's available.
This is really hard for me though, because I like all the clothes separated into each person's bag.
I have to give up some of the organization on this one because that just isn't possible to accomplish in a realistic fashion. Trust me, I've tried...and it makes people I travel with super crazy, and that isn't I have to let this one go.
Once I clean up the room though, I'm in "home" mode.
So all I want to do is leave and get home.
I have bags of laundry to wash now.
Which is not so fun for everyone else, because there is still a whole day waiting to be enjoyed.
I hate being the buzzkill.

I'm trying really really hard not to rush home. (or to great grandma cookie's house in this case)
We decided to check out the swap meet on soquel instead.
see if we could score any treasures and maybe some awesome produce.

((macy used her birthday money to buy a feather for her hair, i scored two wrought iron frames for $7, some giant buckets, a canada dry wooden box, we brought home a bag of peaches and apricots, a will clark statue *trust me, this was a no way did it enter our dodger-loving home, and a mickey-mouse loving barbie.))

((this is hottie-mc-hot-pants at the swap meet. i love his hat on backwards, 
and this backside view. woo.  be still my heart.))

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