Thursday, July 21, 2011

Santa Cruz: Day Two Part 1

Day two is coming at you in two posts, because I took a lot, and I mean a lot of photos.
So I'm working on putting them in collages so that it's not so overwhelming.
Day two was jam packed with the majority of our activities.

Macy was the early riser with me that morning.
There was a Keurig in our hotel room, so I made myself some yummy hazelnut coffee, and Macy had hot cocoa.  
It was fun to have her all to myself. 
Zach is usually the early riser, so I get my alone time with him, but this was a nice change of pace.
We hit up a ton of thrift stores.
One of them was promoting 1/2 off everything.
Macy got a ton of school clothes and a pair or barely worn shoes.
I found a cool jacket and a lampshade.
Pretty sure we scored.

Our next stop was the Boardwalk.
Macy was DYING to visit.
Here's the funny part: this kid does NOT like rides.
At all.
And we're at the Boardwalk.
Go figure.
It's like going to a chocolate factory and not liking chocolate.
Can you imagine?
We did a lot of walking, and looking, and joking, and eating.

 ((we ate deep fried PBJ for was pretty much out of control awesome))
 ((of course we had dippin dots. of course))
 ((i LOVE looking at ferris wheels. i do NOT enjoy riding them. i am not a fan of heights))
 ((when i was little i rode stuff like this all the time. i have not been on a ride since having kids, and quite frankly, i'm a little nervous...IF you know what i mean.))
 ((macy decided that this ride was slow enough and not scary, so she wanted to ride it))
 ((this was my all time favorite when i was younger. i wonder if i would still like it?))
 ((so we finally got tickets to the sky glider...i'm worries, this is easy...this is not fast...but hold the phone...i literally shook the ENTIRE time i was on this "ride". it was really high. that bar does not seem very secure. my baby was sitting next to me. that's REALLY high. i made her hold my hand the whole time while i white knuckled the safety bar. i'm not even kidding. do you know how hard it is to take pictures when you are shaking and chattering like a footsie wootsie? i couldn't wait to get off. i think i cried a little in nervousness...what the h- e- double hockey sticks is wrong with me???))
 ((so glad to be on the ground, safe and sound. ugh.))
((i am so thankful to be part of some of the pictures, it proves i was really there, and i'm even more delighted that steve was able to capture zach's expression. he does this a lot. for real.))
Stay tuned for the second part of day two....

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