Thursday, July 21, 2011

Santa Cruz: Day Two Part 2

Are you still with me on this picture vacation overload??

I thought this was a good place to start the part two portion of the story because we went back to our room and took naps.
Nice, relaxing naps.
Power naps.
Recharging Stations.
The kind that are a little hard to wake up from.

So....we headed to Mr. Toot's Coffeehouse.
As a coffee shop owner and barista, I'm always a little picky about
my coffee drinks, and honestly....I like a coffee shop with some feel.
A little love.
Not so perfecty-matchy-matchy.
Kinda swanky.
Kinda like this awesome little place called Bubba-Lu's I hear so much about.
Mr. Toot' rocked my socks.
Fantastic coffee.
Great atmosphere.... I felt at home.

Macy decided to pop open her new chapter book, "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer."
(she's just like her daddy and finished it the next night.)

Quickly, it became dinner time, so we headed to this awesome little 
thai food restaurant called Thai Basil.
There is another thai restaurant right on the main beach street called Mai Thai.  
Good food too, but more pricy.
((the kids really enjoyed their fancy napkins. we have no etiquette.)) 

((i really enjoyed my thai iced tea. did you know we serve these at bubba-lu's??))((i appreciated that they had a lot of colors in the crayon selection.))
After dinner, the beach was nice and quiet.
Perfect for a loud raucous bunch like ourselves.
We felt a little more freedom to have fun.
To not hush hush the kids.
No counting to three because you can't move the sand in that direction or it will get on the people sitting too close to us.
None of that.
It was fun.

((one of my favorite things about this beach is the artistic tile wall that you can sit and stare at all day and get inspired by each tile. it makes me want to meet the person who made the tile.
find out why they painted what they did.
hear their stories.))

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