Friday, July 15, 2011

up with the chickens

when you wake up with the chickens,
you get some special mommy time.

zach has figured that out.

he knows that i am usually out at the computer early in the morning reading blogs and catching up on facebook and emails drinking my first cup of coffee.

he zombie-walks to me and becomes the snuggliest little 3 year old i have ever met in my life.
he loves lovies.

this morning he got pampered with a little foot massage.
he made me promise not to pop his toes.

i love it because he gets super chatty with me.
no big sis to do all the talking.

i just adore his little voice
the way he says his words,
how serious he gets when he tells a story
...his perspectives on life.

he's growing up too fast for me.
i'd like to bottle this age and stage up and keep it for a while.
it makes me weepy.

he is the cutest boy i know.

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