Thursday, July 14, 2011

a wish for instant replay

Sometimes I wish I had a camera going 24/7 just to catch the really awesome and cool things that go on around here.
And then I think about the times when I am a crazy mom and think, oh my would be like on Oprah.
no way.

Because really, sometimes words just aren't enough, you seriously need to be there.
But since there will be no live video streaming around here...
My words will have to be enough...

and trust me.
this was off the cuteness chart.
like extra frosting on a little cupcake.
like cute baby thighs that you want to squeeze cuteness.
did i mention this was cute.
for reals.
because it was.

Here goes:

The lights are dimly lit in the living room.
I'm relaxing...
My eyes are starting to go half mast
and i'm about to enter taco-leftover-hangover zone.
I can hear the whir of the fan blades overhead....
and off in the distance tiny little voices playing happily.
I smile.
The kids are getting along.

Then, like the anticipatory music that begins to play on the really scary parts of a movie...
Zachary comes bolting down the stairs...
fake panting in sheer exhaustion from just having sprinted for 20 feet.

I'm awake.
Show me the spider.
Where's the robber?
Do you have something in your eyes?
Where's the blood?
Do you have all your toes?

I am suddenly at full attention, my adrenaline is pumping.
I could probably do a backflip off the couch and get serious air.

"Zach! Mommy's right here, are you okay?" I try to calmly report.

Wide eyed are strikingly serious Zach hands me my almost empty roll of Scotch Tape.
"Mom, hey mom, Macy neber weturned your TAPE!! She have it in her woom dis whole time!"
(he was there when I made her pinky promise to bring it back YESTERDAY.)
(and.....he's still panting)

"Oh my goodness Zach, thank you so much for returning it to me. You are my superhero," I congratulate.

Here is the best part.

The kid giggles at being a superhero for the next two minutes straight.
Announcing that he is 'TAPE SUPERHERO' (the kind of hero who brings the tape back)
He's jumping around, doing twists in the air, and showing me the tape like it's his light saber.
Then, he asks me to take his picture.

I love him.
He cracks me up.

May I please introduce you to

i am joni lane, and if he is the scotch tape super hero, then i wanna be the duct tape queen.

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