Saturday, September 3, 2011

like home

i spent a lot of time when i was younger at my grandma's house.

visiting her is like going home.
it feels good.
because she is there.

she wraps you in comfort and makes you feel loved
by all the little things she does to show how happy she is to have you there.

she bakes your favorite cookies and offers them immediately upon arrival.
and remembers your most favorite places to eat.

she cooks your childhood favorite foods.
and treats your children the way she treated you.

she puts her love on her sleeve.
and it's reassuring to know it's always there.

she serves tomatoes from the garden.
and sends you home with bouquets of fresh flowers from her amazing garden.

she loves you a bushel and a peck, and a hug around the neck.
and has no shame in singing it to you at random.

being with grandma cookie is to know you are loved.

grandma cookie, we hope you know just how much we love you back.

 out for a birthday dinner

 she makes me Portuguese soapish. it's the best.
 relaxing, waiting for dinner to be ready.
 dinner. yum!

 macy loves her tomatoes!!
 visting the nursery. grandma knows just about every flower and plant name.

 macy's ladybugs.

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  1. Made me smile....great to see your Grandma doing well. What a sweet lady she is !