Saturday, September 3, 2011

seal beach

this post is a month overdue.
i thought i lost these pictures.
like a miracle...they showed up on my computer.
i must have loaded them with something else...woops!
so glad they were found!!

we spent our last weekend in july visiting auntie karen.
it felt like a really real vacation.
we rested.
we visited.
we ate yummy food.
we visited the beach.
and we rested.
it was wonderful.
macy and auntie headed to seal beach.

 it was soooo windy.
it did not faze macy.
 good wet sand for building sand castles.
 he was not a fan of the wind.
 celebrating july and august birthdays!

she's such a diva.

he liked the bib.
 i have got to stop laughing during pictures. lame.
 princess crown.
now that's a bucket.

totally embarrassed by the singing.

okay, i had to take a picture of this plant at the local nursery.  
it was packed with monarch butterflies.
they lay their eggs all over the plant and eat it too i guess.
the plant is called "the family jewels" plant.
look for half a second and you'll figure out why.
i think it should be a get well card for men after a certain surgery.
just sayin.

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