Saturday, September 3, 2011

Sprouting wings

My big second grader has a lot of changes before her this year.

We made a giant decision this year to promote her to 2nd grade and allow her to skip 1st.
While there were many factors that played into this decision, we believe we made the right one and
have made the best choice for her.

Among those changes begins a journey at a new school.
Our darling elementary schools closed their doors this year due to enrollment and budget issues.
They have combined to start a new elementary school at the once middle school campus.
While this has been a very big adjustment and change for the entire community, it has been
wonderful to witness the three sites forming bonds.  I think it's a good thing.

And in other news, Macy went in for surgery on her tonsils and adenoids the first week
we were back at school.
I've had the chance to refresh my teaching skills and tutor her at home through her independent study.
It's been a good time, although I don't plan on homeschooling her, ever.
She is ready to go back this week.
We are crossing our fingers the doctor says yes!!

Here are some pictures documenting Macy's month:

her first day of 2nd grade.

oh, little "bothers"

i love this face!

her desk and her very own water bottle!

mrs. v, who macy believes hung the moon and stars.

macy's buddy, miss k.
going in for surgery with her doll, madylyn.
eating mushed up popsicles. no sticks, no straws.
leaving the hospital in style.
 her very best medicine.

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