Saturday, September 3, 2011

throat marbles.

no, i am not referring to macy's recent tonsillectomy and adenoid removal.

i'm referring to that thing that happens to moms when, gulp...
their baby....
last baby...
starts growing up.

and there's this realization of that "said" growing up part.
and there's this thing that starts to grow from your heart
and you feel it slither....
all the way up into your throat.

it makes it hard to talk about sometimes.
it suddenly makes you feel like you can't swallow.
or talk.
and there's not enough air to breathe...
because the other mommy next to you who is realizing the same thing
is sucking up ALL the oxygen in the room.

and it dawns on you.
you've caught the disease.
the emotional mommy disease.
the one that used to make you roll your eyes
when you started to see your mom do it.

it's called the
the throat marble disease.
and it's real people.
trust me.

i've come down with a very serious case of it.
so don't ask me how i feel about my little man starting preschool.
don't EVEN ask me what i'm going to do when he's in school full time.
unless of course you plan on offering me a paper bag to control my breathing.
it's bad.
it's called love.
and i don't want to talk about it anymore.

for the sake of our blog book, i'm including his first day of preschool pictures...
as much as it pains me to show the proof.

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