Sunday, September 11, 2011

you can pick...

your friends
you can pick your nose.

but you can't pick your friend's nose.



we did a different kind of picking tonight with some friends.
berry pickin'

and it got kinda loopy.
and even a little dangerous.

there were some dangerous pits.
ask casey...she's sure that she disturbed some slumbering animal
when she fell in the precarious crevice.

some gnarly pokies on the vine.
you can ask casey about this one too.
she got bit.
by the vine.
and it hurt.

some very committed screams.
i can testify to this one.
once you feel like you are going to fall in the briar patch
your brain knows this can't end well, and there are no bandaids around.
so you scream.
like a little girl.
and sigh when you catch your footing in "oh sweet jesus" relief.
and sometimes,
when you are tami...
it sounds like a cackle of birds when you scream.
and that's funny to people like me.

some banana plants that don't exist.
this is mine too.
i literally thought i saw a banana and it didn't even faze me.
until i thought for a real second and realized this is not a banana patch.
crazy.  i know!

some twigs and berries.
this is all liz.
she pulls the entire twig off with the berry.
apparently, she likes her jelly a little woodsy.
this is going nowhere good fast.

there were killer mosquitos.
ask becca.
she was saved by tami.
she even ended up with some not
so subtle mosquito bites.

but we walked away with over 30 cups of berries.
maybe more.
we have some work cut out for us now.

thanks ladies for a fun evening.
i needed some good laughs.
and i got them.
and a few berries to boot.

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