Friday, October 28, 2011


she is one week old.
so sweet and just perfect.
i loved spending my afternoon with this family to get some quick pics
before grandma & grandpa had to head back home.

welcome to the world sweet baby morgan.
you are already so loved.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

i did...

their "i do's."

I don't normally do "i do's"....
but for Molly & Luke I had to make a special consideration.
Because if you knew Molly & would do it too.

I love this couple.
Simply in love.
It's a beautiful thing.

Thank you Molly & Luke for including me
in your lovely day.
The weather was ideal.
But mostly, watching your commitment to each other
was refreshing
and beautiful.

I think you guys are great.
Really, really great.

Here's a long photo story of the day.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


like any day now.

this beautiful mama is still teaching gymnastics
and demonstrating jumps for the kids.
sounds like a recipe for broken water.

we were pretty lucky to get in a session
because this little girl is on her way, soon!!!

can't wait to meet your baby girl DuPrees.
and i fully expect her to come out turning cartwheels.

from a mountain town...

one thing i love about living in a small mountain town...
is meeting up with people who love the mountains like i do.
they want to be here.
they want to stay here.
they come back on purpose.
because it's home.

i've known this mama since she was a preschooler.
and her family loves the area like my family does.

it's so fun to see the boys embrace
being "mountain boys."
i wonder if they will come back to this area when they are grown.
and make it home again.

i had such a great time Goodmans.
you are a happy, smiley, natural bunch.
you made my job easy.

Monday, October 17, 2011

get schooled.

i love having friends who are experts in things i know little about.
(it's also a little humbling when their son is able to teach me more than a thing or two...
and their daughter knows EVERY word to the RIO songs and i catch myself dancing to her tunes.)

the chrisman's know a lot about a lot.
especially trees, plants, flowers, bugs, insects....
i have lived in these here hills all my life.
i think all the trees around dinkey creek are pine trees.
(well...i knew about sequoias too...)
but did you know they ARE NOT???

There are Sugar Pines (they have ginormous pinecones)
Gentle Joshua Trees (they smell like vanilla)
Ponderosas (they have the pom pom needles)
...just to name a few.

They have really cool rhymes to remember the difference between ferns, grasses, and (see, I already forgot!)

I almost forgot I was along for the ride to take pictures.
Thankfully, we did get some of those in too.

Thanks Chrismans.
Thanks for listening to all my questions.
Thanks for all the informative answers.
Next time, I would like a study guide.


has anyone else noticed that the acorns this year are on steroids?
i'm thinking it's time to start walking around with a hard hat on
during any photo session under an oak tree!

at this location, there is a metal roof on the house.
when an acorn hits the roof it sounds like gun fire.
this is hunting season people.
i duck.

then, suddenly a menagerie of acorns will decide to
drop...........all in unison.
i'm am not exaggerating when i say they sound like grenades.

thank goodness for this good-natured family.
and thank goodness we didn't get nailed by any
of those acorn torpedos.