Monday, October 17, 2011

get schooled.

i love having friends who are experts in things i know little about.
(it's also a little humbling when their son is able to teach me more than a thing or two...
and their daughter knows EVERY word to the RIO songs and i catch myself dancing to her tunes.)

the chrisman's know a lot about a lot.
especially trees, plants, flowers, bugs, insects....
i have lived in these here hills all my life.
i think all the trees around dinkey creek are pine trees.
(well...i knew about sequoias too...)
but did you know they ARE NOT???

There are Sugar Pines (they have ginormous pinecones)
Gentle Joshua Trees (they smell like vanilla)
Ponderosas (they have the pom pom needles)
...just to name a few.

They have really cool rhymes to remember the difference between ferns, grasses, and (see, I already forgot!)

I almost forgot I was along for the ride to take pictures.
Thankfully, we did get some of those in too.

Thanks Chrismans.
Thanks for listening to all my questions.
Thanks for all the informative answers.
Next time, I would like a study guide.

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