Tuesday, October 25, 2011

i did...

their "i do's."

I don't normally do "i do's"....
but for Molly & Luke I had to make a special consideration.
Because if you knew Molly & would do it too.

I love this couple.
Simply in love.
It's a beautiful thing.

Thank you Molly & Luke for including me
in your lovely day.
The weather was ideal.
But mostly, watching your commitment to each other
was refreshing
and beautiful.

I think you guys are great.
Really, really great.

Here's a long photo story of the day.


  1. Your slideshow made me cry... You did better than a lot of wedding photographers I've seen. I'm not even impressed because I had faith in your ability all along! Love you girl!

  2. O.M.G. The best wedding photos I have ever seen. Fun. Playful. Amazing. Joni you have found your talent. Congratulations Molly & Luke!! It looks like you had a blast on your wedding day.
    <3 linda m

  3. Okay, I thought, sure I'll take a gander. Then I got sucked right in and I don't even know them. I loved those photos, Missy! So creative and fun!

  4. So...Joni, I just cried watching that...and no, not because I had a huge crush on Luke in High School...but because you really captured some amazing moments! What a beautiful wedding, and fantastic photography. You have quite the knack for this!