Thursday, November 3, 2011

how to get the best blog post out of me.

some people are so competitive!

they just have to have the best blog story from me.
they will do whatever it takes to make sure their story
is a good one.

take my best friends, the fergusons and jones.
they went to great lengths for these pictures, and blog story.
trust me.

Here's how to make a good photography blog story: 
Step 1:  Take your friend, the photographer to your family property...but make sure the road to get there is precarious and unmarked.  Also, it's helpful if the road is really narrow, and really really bumpy.  Make sure the photographer friend doesn't have four wheel drive.

Step 2:  Have that friend make a 12 point turn to turn around because, woops, that was the wrong road. 12 point turns are fun. Ask anyone.  They'll tell you so.

Step 3:  Woo her with a pretty location.  While she's discovering the property and looking for the best places for the shot...make sure you say something scary about bears and the cabins being haunted.  That's sure to get a reaction.  Your photographer friend might start singing really loud and start twitching a little, because that's how she deals with fear.  But that will be fun for you to watch. Really.

Step 4: Bring the cutest kids you can find.  Get them all riled-up by doing the "booty" dance and other equally embarrassing dances to make them smile.  That's actually really fun for the photographer friend.  Trust me, she's making lots of mental notes for blackmail.

Step 5:  Lastly, make sure that the bribery at the very end is REALLY REALLY good.  You need her to try and forget all the silly things that just went down.  Distract her with sugar.  She's sure to be a sucker for sugar.  If available you might need to offer seasonal pumpkin cookies from the local general store.  She'll be so busy drooling over the deliciousness of the cookie, she will start to get fuzzy-minded over how dusty and dirty her car really is.

So there is you have it.
The recipe is really very simple.
Now you too can get your family friend photographer to blog about you.

Thank you fergs and jones.
It really was very memorable.
And, you can thank me later for not sharing ALL of our stories.

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