Thursday, November 24, 2011

i like to call it multi-tasking.

< < this is for my sister-in-law who says i don't blog fun stories anymore .> >
here you go sari.

tonight i'm editing photos.
and listening to music.

it helps my creative flow.
i happen to be obsessed with glee.
i don't care.
judge me.
get over it.

they did a version of Beck's "Loser" song.

as i'm clicking away i'm totally rocking out singing...
"I'm a loser why don't cha kill me."
which by the way is so morbid and disturbing all at the same time,
yet i'm rockin it like it's my song.
which by the way it's not.
let's not get the wrong idea here.
i'm rocking it because GLEE sang it.
which by the way is AWESOME.
did i mention that i love GLEE?

anywho...i digress.

i'm singing the section that goes something like...'re a matador....
i'm a loser baby...soo why don't cha kill me.

and i start thinking...are they singing to a bull?
who's the matador?

get crazy with the cheez whiz???

i'm a driver?
i'm a winner...


i'm getting very confused by the lyrics
and i'm starting to blame my turkey hangover.

so i decide to do this:
write down what i think it says:

now i've decided that it doesn't say anything about a matador...
i think this is all about soy being a bad guy!
i mean come on...if you've watched food, inc. we all know that soy is totally a predator.
that could make sense.

but if soy is a predator, why are we getting all crazy with the cheez whiz?
((scratching my head))

so, like i always do when i get my self confuzuled, i hit up google.
and google says that the lyrics are:


translated in spanish: i'm a loser

there went 30 minutes of my life.
now, i really do feel like one.
back to editing.

you're welcome sari.

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  1. Glad you got it all figured out:) Look at you problem solving and learning.