Saturday, November 5, 2011

this is real life...

one of the number one questions i get asked at photo sessions with kids is...
"oh my gosh...are we your wildest bunch?"
i always answer...

i'm totally not lying either.

photo sessions are supposed to be about family.
we all want to look our our best self in a picture.
so during a session when it all seems to be chaotic and true to life...
i'm smiling.
because i know i'm capturing it.
moments that are true.
moments that show your child's personality.
i'm hoping to extend some memories for you in the process.

yes...i typically edit out the one of them pitching a fit.
or at least i don't blog the ones where they are.

but a photo session truly is never perfect.
i encourage bribery.
i admit that i am a bit sneaky.
i pretend i'm not taking a picture when i really am.
i do write down in my little book when i leave all sorts of blackmail.
okay, seriously. i was just kidding.

but miraculously...something wonderful is usually caught.
because it was family just being family.
and all those smiles,
all those laughs were there all along.

so thank you waters family for giving me some true to life shots.
for being silly, and happy, and knowing when to pull out the suckers.
your family rocks.

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