Sunday, November 6, 2011

youz wrong weather dot com

weather dot com gives my heart palpitations.

just a few days ago it said that there was an 80% chance of rain today.
those are pretty good odds.
if i was a betting person...i probably would have put down the golden egg on it.

it rained a lot last night.
i was certain today's session was going to get rained out.

this dot com changed their forecast to 40%.
i am starting to think that i could actually start my own forecast company
just by looking outside and changing the forecast as i see it coming my way
and be just about as accurate as said billion dollar web company.
i'm just sayin.

however, i say with a grateful heart to mother nature,
"thank you."

thank you for not raining on the gilbert's parade today.
thank you for beautiful overcast skies.
thank you for not raining on their beautiful blue-eyed girl.

and to you weather dot com...
you....(insert shaking finger) you are on probation.
and if you continue with this wiffly-waffly business...
you can start paying for my heart meds.

take a gander at this beautiful growing family.
and you too will thank mother nature for her weather goodness today.

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  1. Oh, that seems like it was perfect for squinty eyes and bright sun.