Thursday, January 26, 2012


today i'm kinda glad you were sick.

not because you were snuffleupagous-snotty-nosed...
or coughing like a tug-boat...

i'm glad you were sick because we got to play today.
and take it easy.
totally on purpose.

and maybe i'm glad because that extra snot in you made you especially fiery.
a little extra funny...
totally silly...
and beyond excited to break every game rule.

so today, i let you.
break the rules.

we played.
you cheated.
and won.
a lot.
and when you win by cheating you laugh really really hard.
you sipped my coffee.
and wrestled with me.
and read me brown bear again.
and again.
until i crossed my eyes and begged you to read me a new book.
you didn't.
so we read it again.

and i wiped your snotty nose for the 100th time
and i thought...
i'm glad you stayed home sick.

He legitimately won "GUESS WHO."

Biggest cheater ever at "HEADBANDS."

And this is what I was: Bacon.
Although I was lead to believe that I was sweet, a breakfast food, and okay in cereal.
Not so much Zach-O.

After he beat me at "CONNECT FOUR"  it suddenly turned into a design game.
Of all yellow.

It's a good thing I love you so much 

Saturday, January 14, 2012

dear macy

please remind me to dig this up when Macy is an adult, mother, wife....if she so chooses....

Dear Macy,

I know you just cleaned your floors.
Everything smells yummy, and sparkly, and you're feeling like
right now you have it all together.

The dishes are put away,
the kids aren't screaming at each other...
and life feels clean and organized, and all together wonderful.

You are probably thinking that you might actually qualify
for a Better Home and Garden feature...
You've been eyeing those other homes wondering, "how do they do it?"
Does their house ALWAYS look this way?
The perfect house, perfectly groomed kids, dogs that lay still for the front of the
house shot...with the nice lawn and perfect lighting.
You can almost smell the cologne on that perfect husband too.

And you think,
your kitchen looks kickin' right now.
You probably could totally qualify.

Out walks your oldest child.
She's carrying a box of cake mix.
You're probably holding your breath right about now
thinking you can "will-away" the question you know is about
to spill its way from her lips...
But you can't.

Her sights are set.
It's the box of cake mix you promised to make way back around Christmas.
It's been hiding in the pantry.
Much to your gratefulness.
Now, it's making an entrance.

It's being escorted down the hallway with eyes the size
of oreos and a hopefulness that resembles the candy "pop rocks."
You know it's coming.
She's going to ask.
And she thinks she already knows your answer.
You've said no twice already...
What she also knows is that she has the tenacity of a puggle.
And she knows you know it too.

"Mom, can we please make a cake today?"
*sigh*..."I already know what you're going to say..."
she continues.
You make eye-contact.
(here comes the lawyer in her...)
"You said we could make this a long time ago...and we still haven't,
and we really aren't doing that much today, and it's just you and me
here at home, and it would be really fun, and you said we were going to have
fun today, and making a cake would be really fun, and i promise i won't make a
mess, and when the boys come home, we could have cake for dessert tonight,
and we need to make it before it expires, and i promise i won't make a mess."

*sigh* this time it's going to be you.
you're going to look around your pretty kitchen.
trust me.
you will.
you will still smell the yummy smell of clean floors.
the thought of batter running on the counters will probably make your
heart palpate a little because YOUR KITCHEN IS SO PICKIN' CLEAN.
and you'll catch a glimpse of that gorgeous little being in the corner of your eye.
and you'll realize it's not the sparkling sink that made you pause.
it wasn't even the thought of your lemon-fresh microwave that is no longer crusted in exploded
pizza bites.
it was her.
she made you pause.
she made you pause because right now she's little.
and you can already feel her growing up.
you can mark the changes just in the last few months of her maturity.
and it will click for you that this is your moment.

your moment to say yes.
to surprise her with your enthusiasm.
to encourage her unabashed love for creating.
to embrace that life is not a magazine ad.
to clarify that what is important to you is her.

and you will.
you'll say yes because it was harder to do.
you'll say yes because you'll remember making a cake with her.
and she will too.
and you'll remember cleaning up a mess that was made in fun.
because that microwave is still going to get pizza bites slathered in every corner,
and the sink won't stay that clean for long.

and hopefully macy,
you'll have some fun too.
but i'm willing to bet, that in the moment
that you say yes to your sweet little one...
the hardest part is over.

because the rest my dear, is just fun.

i hope that someday,
you get to have as much fun with your little one,
as i have had the privilege of sharing with you.

Your mama

conspiracy theory

i'm thinking this needs to be pinned up on
mel gibson's wall.
he has a pinterest, right?

remember the movie conspiracy theory?
with mel gibson?
julia roberts?
ringing a bell?
love that movie for your information.

well i think i'm onto something here.

it's called: kill the consumer in shipping costs.

and now there's evidence.

cue story:
a while back we had a crazy-a-double-snakes wind storm.
lots of stuff got blown around.
it was a little less dramatic than dorothy's wind episode.
but, for was pretty wild.

upon surveying the damage at our house,
i stumbled upon one of my favorite tchotchkes.
i don't really even know what you call it.
but i scored it on clearance at Longs (now CVS) and I was pretty pumped.
seeing it broken to bits was a little disheartening.
and quite revealing.
and a tad startling.
and head-scratch worthy.

i'll admit.
at first i kinda felt like i was on an episode of LOST,
where they find the abandoned airplane with all the virgin mary statues
and when they bust them open they realize they are packed with coke.
(not the drinkable kind)
and they surmise it was a big smuggling business.

while mine isn't packed with coke
(not to worry fbi...)
it's packed with little churches and other tchotchkes.

it's WEIRD people.
really weird. right?

and then.
it hit me!
like an unexpected tether ball hit to the head.

it's a weight issue!
the little sneaky-sneaks.

to get more in shipping costs.

they take their leftover crap that they can't sell.
they shove and glue it into the said tchotchke so it doesn't 
rattle around and get people all suspicious.
and they pack it.
and they weigh their cheap little shipment....
and now it's worth more.
they have a deal with ups.

i'm onto little sneaky-sneakers.
i've exposed your elaborate, weird, and wildly amusing scheme.

and mel can send me my royalty check in the mail
when you decide to do a conspiracy theory part 2 and you want to use
this little gem.
you're welcome.

Saturday, January 7, 2012


it's okay mama.
i consistently have to keep reminding myself.
i need to remember to keep breathing.

my macy.

and it pulls on this mama's heartstrings.
a lot.

friday night was her first father-daughter dance put on at the local high school.

i felt like i was getting her ready for a date.
holy batman.

thank was with daddy.

it was incredibly sweet.
he brought her some purple mums.
like a real date should.

(insert a tad bit of jealousy here...just a tad)
she hung on his arm.
kissed on his cheeks.
told him how much she loves him.

he doted on her.
opened her doors.
treated her like a lady.
like a real date should.

they danced.
and danced some more.
to every song.
as much as she wanted.
and closed out the dance floor.
like a real date should.

because he's a gentleman.
and she's worth it.

boot scootin' boogie

officially, we have a cowgirl on our hands.

inspired by her second grade teacher,
macy has embraced all things cowgirl.
it was part of her christmas wish.

a cowgirl hat.
imagine that.

steve and i took it one step further
and gave her riding lessons to boot.
(pun intended)

she squealed with delight on Christmas morning when she opened her gift.
straight happiness.
that memory makes me giggle.

what makes me giggle, and smile, and reflect with gratitude even more
is the memory of her first lesson...

do you have memories that make your heart race with excitement?
like you remember lots and lots of details.
it's like eating your favorite food.
it leaves a good your heart.

it makes me giddy to think about her experience.
pure enthusiasm...
picking out her outfit with so much intention...
the dirt swirling around her as she walked with
authority out of the car towards her instructor...
going nose to nose with Scarlett...
oh the trotting....
learning the horse...
feeling the wind on her face...
becoming a cowgirl...

her experience became my experience.
i'm so grateful for sharing in it.