Saturday, January 7, 2012

boot scootin' boogie

officially, we have a cowgirl on our hands.

inspired by her second grade teacher,
macy has embraced all things cowgirl.
it was part of her christmas wish.

a cowgirl hat.
imagine that.

steve and i took it one step further
and gave her riding lessons to boot.
(pun intended)

she squealed with delight on Christmas morning when she opened her gift.
straight happiness.
that memory makes me giggle.

what makes me giggle, and smile, and reflect with gratitude even more
is the memory of her first lesson...

do you have memories that make your heart race with excitement?
like you remember lots and lots of details.
it's like eating your favorite food.
it leaves a good your heart.

it makes me giddy to think about her experience.
pure enthusiasm...
picking out her outfit with so much intention...
the dirt swirling around her as she walked with
authority out of the car towards her instructor...
going nose to nose with Scarlett...
oh the trotting....
learning the horse...
feeling the wind on her face...
becoming a cowgirl...

her experience became my experience.
i'm so grateful for sharing in it.


  1. SO AWESOME! She is the cutest dang cowgirl around...

  2. omg, I'm dying over that picture of her in that cowgirl hat!!!

  3. thank-you joni lane! you made your auntie SO happy! YOUR experience became MY experience and i am So grateful for sharing in it :)