Thursday, January 26, 2012


today i'm kinda glad you were sick.

not because you were snuffleupagous-snotty-nosed...
or coughing like a tug-boat...

i'm glad you were sick because we got to play today.
and take it easy.
totally on purpose.

and maybe i'm glad because that extra snot in you made you especially fiery.
a little extra funny...
totally silly...
and beyond excited to break every game rule.

so today, i let you.
break the rules.

we played.
you cheated.
and won.
a lot.
and when you win by cheating you laugh really really hard.
you sipped my coffee.
and wrestled with me.
and read me brown bear again.
and again.
until i crossed my eyes and begged you to read me a new book.
you didn't.
so we read it again.

and i wiped your snotty nose for the 100th time
and i thought...
i'm glad you stayed home sick.

He legitimately won "GUESS WHO."

Biggest cheater ever at "HEADBANDS."

And this is what I was: Bacon.
Although I was lead to believe that I was sweet, a breakfast food, and okay in cereal.
Not so much Zach-O.

After he beat me at "CONNECT FOUR"  it suddenly turned into a design game.
Of all yellow.

It's a good thing I love you so much 

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